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What Are The Different Types Of Data Collection In Market Research?

What Are The Different Types Of Data Collection In Market Research?

In today’s highly competitive business environment, data is power. Data collection for marketing research is a wide process and the success of marketing research depends on the quality and relevance of data. And to a large extent, the quality of the data relies on the data collection technique used for collecting data. Selecting the right data collection method, needs a great deal of experience and expertise. In our recent blog “Why data collection is important for your business?”, we’ve discussed what data collection is and its importance for your business. In this article, we will present to you the different types of data collection methods so that you can focus on the right method for collecting qualitative and quantitative research data.

What are the types of data collection methods?

Following are the common data collection methods that organizations use to gather data on prospects and customers:

Surveys And Forms

Surveys and forms are one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to collect customer data. A survey includes a list of open and close-ended questions that are sent together to the respondents — either by email or from a survey software that receives the answers automatically.


Interviews are a great way to gather information from consumers or conduct qualitative research. It can be structured, which means there will be no deviation in the questions. Interviews can also be semi-structured. It means there will be some deviation to probe for more information when the interviewer finds it necessary. Interviews can also be unstructured.

An interview can be conducted through telephone or face-to-face meeting with the interviewee. Generally, interviews are conducted in order to gather in-depth responses from the respondent being interviewed.

What Are Different Types Of Data Collection In Market Research Services

Focus Groups

 Focus groups are one of the qualitative research methods which is similar to interviews. The difference is, in focus groups, we collect information from a group of individuals instead of interviewing one person. During a focus group interview, interviewers should ask a series of questions that helps in understanding subjective experiences, reflections and attitudes that members of the group share. It includes direct interactions and open participation from everyone.


Observation is one of the research methods where market researchers simply observe the customers and collect information. Observing the customers in a natural environment helps market researchers to collect firsthand information on attitudes, behaviors and processes. Observations offer researchers the opportunity to watch a variety of behaviors in a natural setting.

In observational research, researchers can go to an off-site location to observe customers in a natural setting. It can be participants’ homes or a store or even watching the participants with the use of technology. It can also be set up in a controlled environment where market researchers control the variables.

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Data collection methods differ broadly, and the method to use in order to gather data will make a vast difference in the type of data collected.

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